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Who Will Lead the Charge in New Communications and Media?

site de rencontre femmes en france September 13, 2016

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see The conversation is no longer about traditional or digital media – it’s about who is going to lead the charge in the new communications and media paradigm and how are they going to do it.  Companies have to reach more people with fewer resources and digital media are perfectly suited to the task – if they’re deployed effectively.  Communications media that used to be siloed according to the skills of their practitioners – print, TV, Radio – are now combined into a steady flow of multi-media information that requires a new and integrated skill set.  The ability to become an expert in leveraging written, visual and moving images to engage and communicate quickly and effectively with large audiences is a huge opportunity for today’s young people.  It opens up new avenues for personal growth and gives them a chance to contribute ideas and solutions to the fast changing world of digital communications and media.  Harrington students have a unique opportunity to be part of this evolution – let the learning begin!

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