The Open Society

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here As truisms go, “the future has arrived” is, it may be said, particularly threadbare due to unremitting overuse since at least the dawn of the Industrial Age. Nevertheless, if we examine the published prophecies of some of our sagest social prognosticators, one cannot help but conclude that this future, the future of global communication and media into which we have now been launched, is somehow different. This future, it might be observed, is the one for which we have been preparing all along. As an example, W.H. Auden envisioned in 1941 that the ideal Open Society “would know no physical, economic or cultural frontiers” and “would exchange freely with all others,” as he described with accuracy our ever-expanding age of electronic global synergy. Auden concluded that in such an Open Society, one would have the choice of being “consciously passive or consciously active.” Having chosen the latter course, the Harrington School not only thinks big, it thinks globally, and in doing so, the future has been met and integrated in preparation for the next, even more exciting stage. Knowing as we surely do that the choice is ours – will you be a part of it?